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13 March 2009 @ 09:08 am
This is not an intro  
G'day. I'm Brock, well, Brock is a fictional character who lives on the internet, which is OK because in Real Life I'm a fictional character.

I am less Goth than you.

I am neopagan, geeky and queer. I have been watching Anime since about 1970. Yes, I am Crusty-[subculture], I am over 40.

Over the next few months some friends and I will be starting a business in Australia's second largest inland city (don;t get excited, that's 100,000 people) with a strong orientation to the web.

We will make whatever will sell. Yes, we are not proud Artistes, but we are cunning, yes my pretties. There will be investment in a different trademark for the Kitsch and Krappy, so as not to pollute the reputation and purity of our hybrid goth/(neo)pagan/steampunk/cthulu/geek/otaku premium lines. Krap we will make though, if someone will exchange money for it.

We will also do cosplay and costumes and clothing, but our focus is accessories, buttons and shiny bits. Halloween is not a big thing in Australia. Here and there, now and then it generates a bit of interest, but the Little Church of the Holy Dollar tend to come down hard on it. So we miss the horror retailers equivalent of Xmas.

So, much of what I say here will need warnings "May Not Apply in certain strange jurisdictions".

I'll be looking for techniques, markets, opportunities to wholesale and retail, and other people who understand the desire to build full size working zombie animatrons on a shoestring while selling size XXXXXL Naughty Nurse costumes to men who insist their wife has the same measurements as them.

Oh, and scale wares. Dolls accessories, clothing, furniture. I haven't found a single retailer of high class 1/6 (Barbie) scale coffins for example...
agent_diamondagent_diamond on March 13th, 2009 07:35 am (UTC)
Pleasure to meet you.